Maggiori Fratelli

Your strategic partner goes the extra mile.


Our quality on every process.

Every day we combine our traditions with innovation.


Maggiori Fratelli was established in 1962 and is a company specialised in metal processing. We are a well-established company, but by no means a static one: we are extremely versatile, constantly evolving and always up to date. We meet the growing and ever-changing requests of our customers by offering an effective, quality service.

Targeted investments, technological development and a highly strategic family business have enabled our company to expand and adopt new machinery to perform new processes. Our activities include metal spinning, shearing and deep drawing, laser cutting and metal finishes, with quality always being our signature trademark.

Maggiori Fratelli today has Computerised Numerical Control metal spinning, presses, CNC shears, a CNC cutting line for extruded profiles and a new 3000W Trumpf Fibra machine for laser cutting sheet metal. Inside it also boasts a mechanical workshop to build equipment and moulds, also for small-volume production.



Our journey began 50 years ago and we are constantly growing.


Know-how, to us, means meeting the needs of every customer as best as we can.


We turn any idea into a project, with every type of metal.


In our work we check every single detail.

We support you at every stage of the project. Or where you need support.

Feasibility study starting from the project

Whatever your idea may be, we can develop it based on the design or sample you provide to us. We carefully study the details and measurements, and select the most suitable materials for the production process.

Sample creation

Starting from a design or a finished product provided by a customer, we can create an initial sample that enables us to assess the quality of our production. Thanks to our versatile machinery, we deal with all the main processes, all the way to the final part of assembling the components.

Large-volume production

Our internal organisation of the departments enables us to efficiently manage both series of small batches and large quantities, while always offering the highest quality products and meeting very tight deadlines.


To guarantee a product that is always qualitatively impeccable, we can also deal with the final assembly of the components, with a quality control process performed randomly or with every single item.


We offer a wide range of treatments and perform a wide range of special processes on metals: sheet spinning, shearing, deep drawing, finishes, laser cutting and sheet processes. We work with professionalism, expertise and efficiency when dealing with any metal material, from iron to stainless steel, as well as aluminium, titanium, copper and brass.

We use specialised Computerised Numerical Control (CNC) machinery and have a qualified team to perform cold drawing operations with hydraulic presses. We use mechanical presses and punching machines for punching holes, slots and shapes of all kinds.

We also deal with specific mechanical machining operations for metal removal, bending of sheet metal to create flat details, punching to create holes, concave or convex protrusions. We also offer special metalworking services such as two-dimensional and 3D laser cutting or profile cutting. And finally, we guarantee high quality finishes by providing painting, satin finishing, polishing, washing and tumbling services.