Maggiori Fratelli

We specialise in third-party metal spinning, we manufacture parts for use in a wide range of sectors.

We have extensive experience in metal spinning. We offer third-party metal spinning services and in particular we manufacture products, components and parts intended for use in a vast range of industrial sectors. We mainly work with aluminium, stainless steel, iron, brass, copper and titanium sheets but we are always available to meet any need, both in terms of sheet material and thickness.

The products we manufacture through third-party spinning are intended for the indoor or outdoor, domestic or urban, industrial, technical or medical lighting industry. We produce a variety of high-quality components for customers in the sector. We also serve companies specialising in furniture and furnishings, offering metal parts and components with a refined design. We also perform third-party metal spinning for the food and household products industries, fully satisfying the technical needs of the production sector in terms of strength, functionality and safety. We spin products for use in the automotive, naval, agricultural, military or aerospace fields. With our third-party metal spinning we are able to meet the demands of the mechanical and pharmaceutical industry as well. Finally, we serve companies specialising in telecommunications and businesses in the funeral and arts & crafts sector.