Maggiori Fratelli

All our experience and quality in deep drawing and shearing of metals.

We shape your products through drawing and deep drawing processes. To this end, we have installed cutting-edge computerised hydraulic presses, which guarantee maximum precision.

Deep drawing of metals such as iron, stainless steel, copper, brass, titanium and aluminium allows for the forming of the sheet to obtain parts with a wide range of shapes. The deep drawing of metals offers more precise results in terms of shape and size and also guarantees two main advantages: the resistance and reliability of the processed products. We can use this technology on all metals and alloys. Deep drawing instead is a sheet metal deformation process that is carried out through multiple steps, through which parts with greater heights and levels of depth can be made.

Metal shearing enables us to shape sheet metals with the utmost precision through the use of punches that deform and cut, moulds that shape the metal. The process entails applying sufficient shear force to the sheet metal to separate it. The shearing of metals offers various advantages. These include obtaining, in little time and at low costs, holes or entire items, including ones with complex shapes, on the sheet; therefore, this process is particularly suitable for large-scale production.