Maggiori Fratelli

We offer a wide range of treatments and we carry out a huge range of special processing on metals. We work any metal material using our professionalism, skill and efficiency, from iron to stainless steel, but also aluminium, titanium, copper and brass. We use specialised Computerised Numerical Control (CNC) machines and we can rely on a qualified team to perform cold deep drawing operations with hydraulic presses. For the cutting of holes, slots and shapes of any type, we use mechanical presses and punching machines.

We also deal with specific mechanical machining of metal removal, sheet metal bending to create particular surfaces, punching to create holes, concave or convex protrusions. Furthermore, we manage special metalworking such as two-dimensional and 3D laser cutting or profile cutting. Finally, we guarantee high-quality finishes by providing painting, satin finish, polishing, washing and barrelling services.