Maggiori Fratelli

Metal spinning: our speciality since the beginning.

We turned metal spinning into our strength- the flagship of our production. Ever since our foundation we have focused on sheet metal deformation through metal spinning, first manual then automatic, then teach-in and now Computer Numerical Control (CNC). We offer the very best and most innovative technologies, and, above all, the experience and skills of our staff, the most important resource, to ensure efficient and high-quality processing.

We perform special cold metal spinning operations, with computerised technology, with aluminium, stainless steel, iron, brass, copper, titanium and any other ductile metal, which can be shaped and modelled on special moulds that rotate on the mandrel. We work with CNC metal spinning from a diameter of 20 mm up to a diameter of 1300 mm, from thickness ranging from 0.3 mm to 10 mm in stainless steel and up to 15 mm in aluminium. In this way we are able to meet all of our customers' requests, even specific ones, always guaranteeing maximum precision.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) metal spinning offers advantages in terms of high quality, cost and lead time optimisation. First and foremost, this processing guarantees greater precision and better technical and aesthetic characteristics of the worked piece: each metal spinning processed product has an excellent finish and is weld free.

Metal spinning then allows us to respect even very strict tolerances and to produce any quantity: the production process is highly flexible and therefore perfectly adapts both to prototyping and small batches, and to large-volume production of thousands of pieces. By using metal spinning, we are able to get very close to the results obtained through deep drawing with presses, while guaranteeing a marked decrease in tooling costs: the steel mould necessary to outline the shape of the final product is made quickly and at a reduced cost compared to those of an equivalent press mould.