Maggiori Fratelli

We are specialists in metal spinning of any type of metal: we work metals with a minimum diameter of 20 mm and a maximum of 1300 mm and a thickness from 0.3 to 10 mm in stainless steel and 15 mm in aluminium. Our 50 plus years of experience in the sector allows us to operate efficiently, professionally and competently: we meet the needs of our customers and fulfil their requests ensuring compliance with the highest quality standards.We check each piece to make sure it is in line with expectations and with the technical characteristics necessary for the specific application for which it is intended.

In particular, we perform special spinning of metal sheets such as stainless steel, aluminium, iron and its alloys, brass, copper, titanium and any other ductile material. Within our company we have CNC lathes and an expert team, therefore we are able to ensure we meet the deadlines given and offer maximum efficiency. We are able to produce large batches but also to perform metal spinning for small quantities, thereby satisfying various production sectors within a wide range of markets.