Maggiori Fratelli

We put all our precision into metal shearing operations.

Metal shearing allows us to form metal sheets with the utmost precision through the use of punches, which deform and cut, and dies (or moulds) that give the shape. The operation consists of applying a sufficient shearing force on the sheet to separate the metal.
We perform shearing of holes, slots and shapes of any type using mechanical presses entirely by means of cold working.

Metal shearing offers a wide range of advantages. These include the possibility of obtaining, in short times and with reduced costs, holes or solid pieces, even of complex shapes, on the sheet; for this reason, this process is particularly suitable for large-volume production. With shearing, we are then able to work sheet metal of different thickness and of any material, including iron, aluminium, titanium, copper, brass, stainless steel and special alloys. Finally, by using metal shearing we are able to create a multitude of shapes, from rectilinear profiles to curved ones, up to those with sharp edges.