Maggiori Fratelli

3D laser metal cutting: high specialisation and high quality.

Among our processes we also offer a 3D laser metal cutting service that we perform using specialised and cutting-edge machinery. We are able to work flat sheets and three-dimensional pieces creating a wide range of high-quality components.

3D laser metal cutting offers a range of advantages. First of all, this type of cutting offers maximum precision and high quality cutting, even with complex profiles, and does not cause any type of mechanical deformation. Furthermore, during cutting the metal surface is not subjected to high temperatures in any way. 3D laser cutting is a comprehensive and extremely versatile process: we perform it both for small batches and for medium or large quantities; once the process is complete, the cut pieces do not need any further retouching. The excellent performance of this method also relates to the speed of execution: the time needed is reduced but the excellent quality standards achieved stay the same.