Maggiori Fratelli

Metal barrelling: a surface treatment with many advantages.

We provide a metal barrelling service, a process that allows us to remove the previous processing residues from the piece. Barrelling is particularly indicated for treating a large number of small size pieces.

Our technicians look after the barrelling of metals such as stainless steel, iron, aluminium, brass, copper and titanium with different aims in mind: burnishing, deburring, cleaning, descaling, matting but also polishing metals, removing rust deposited on their surface and making them shiny.

This treatment offers a range of advantages: it is effective, eliminates any type of impurity, irregularity or defect present on the surface; it is versatile, it can be used to prepare the piece for subsequent processing or as a final treatment in itself; it is flexible and ideal, therefore, both for small quantities and for large volumes; it is useful as it allows you to work multiple pieces simultaneously, optimising costs and lead times.