Maggiori Fratelli

Metal satin finish service: the perfect finish to change the appearance of the product.

We offer a satin finish option for metal, a metal finishing treatment that is sought more and more in the world of production. It gives an opaque or semi-gloss appearance to the processed product and guarantees, at a technical level, a low roughness and a particular aesthetic finish.

We apply the treatment to various types of metal pieces, in particular to stainless steel components to give them a refined and modern look, making them ideal for use in the furniture and furnishings sector. We also provide a satin finish service for aluminium, giving the processed products greater homogeneity, as well as a clean and spotless appearance. After the satin finish, the steel has no signs of fingerprints, which do not remain visible in any way on the treated surface.

We also carry out satin finish treatments for metals such as iron, brass, copper and titanium, naturally utilising our professional approach in order to guarantee high-quality final results.